Total Foundation Stabilization, Rye, NY

This major renovation consisted of building a new house on an existing foundation on the north side of the Long Island Sound. The existing foundation was not suitable to support the new loads of the proposed structure. Helical piles were used to underpin the existing footings as well as to provide support for new additions. All piles were installed using a skid-steer and a Toro track machine. FSI installed 80 1.5″ square shaft helical piles connected to high strength foundation brackets, to add additional load carrying capacity to the existing foundation. Within the existing structure’s footprint FSI installed 60 P35 helical piles for new construction footing and column loads.

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Project Name and Location:
Foundation Stabilization, Pile Installation, Rye, NY
Project Date:
May 2010
Project Type:
New construction additions within existing foundation
Piles Specification:
80 square-shaft helical piles ranging from 50 to 80 kips. Additionally, 60 3.5" helical pile pipes were installed to 80 kips and attached to 6"x 6" pile caps.
Soil & Embedment Depth:
Ranged from 10-20 feet deep.
Project Timeline:
2 Weeks