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In some cases, pre-drilling may be required in rough soil conditions. Concrete, brick, large cobble, asphalt and other debris may be used as fill at the time of construction. Fortunately for our customers, the piles we install often screw between most of the obstructions with our high strength helices pushing the smaller debris aside. For the sites that even our piles can’t overcome, pre-drilling is needed.

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Pre-drilling in Larchmont, NY!

We’re equipped with rock & concrete augers and core bits ranging in sizes of up to 24-inch diameters. These extreme heavy duty augers were designed to take out anything short of a boulder and make light work of a forgotten and buried concrete floor. The weighted mounting and motor driving our bits ensure a steady flow of pressure, speed, and downward force, all of which are crucial to getting through some of the bigger materials.

Our augering and coring isn’t just for pre-drilling our piles. Other projects such as bollards, and shallow deck footings can make use of our drilling services. With a wide variety of applications, Foundation Stabilizers Inc. is dedicated to providing outstanding drilling and coring services to the tri-state area!

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