Protect your Investment

Pools are often overlooked as structures that don’t need support but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Soil conditions differ immensely from property to property and the last thing anyone wants is for a large investment, such as a pool, to sink. While your neighbor’s pool may sit on virgin soils and function as intended, taking a chance on yours working the same is a dangerous gamble. The slightest shift in support can cause cracks. Pools need a watertight seal and if cracked, will leak into surrounding soils washing away what was meant to be its support and causing major problems down the line. Fortunately, Foundation Stabilizers Inc. has the permanent solution to situations like this.

Helical Piles are an affordable and efficient support for many applications, including pools. Our minimal equipment and thoroughly tested materials make it the perfect choice for securing not only the structural integrity of the pool, but the peace of mind for our customers as well. Disturbance to the surrounding environments isn’t an issue with our support system and most pool projects can expect to be done in just a matter of days.

Our Helical piles, also called Screw Piles, don’t require expensive machinery, a large work space, or even a level ground. Pools are often stepped down for varying depths. Our compact equipment allows us to drive right down in the excavated pool and commence work from whatever ground level is laid out, making us the practical choice.

With the amount of pool projects successfully completed and happy customers all over the tri-state area, it’s easy to see why Foundation Stabilizers Inc. are often chosen as the providers for Helical Pile supports. We take pride in our work and are committed to giving you the support you need.

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